​Tests and projects count as two grades in this class and cannot be dropped.  Homework and classwork count as one grade and may be dropped.  At the end of the six weeks I will drop the lowest homework or classwork grade. 
I do not accept missing work unless you are absent from the day it is assigned.  If you are absent when the work is assigned you have 5 school days to turn in the work once you return (as it states in the handbook). If you are absent the day the work is due you must turn it in on the day of your return.  The only way I will take late work is if you are absent when it is assigned.  ​​


Extra credit is always extra and not in place of.  Extra credit will not be given if you are missing an assignment.  I will not do extra work on my part if you are missing work.  So therefore extra credit will only be given if all work has been turned in.  After all it is extra and not in place of a missing assignment that you did not turn in.

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